Bennet Applauds Navy and USDA Announcement of "Farm to Fleet"? Initiative

For the first time, biofuels will now be available for regular purchase by Navy

Senator Michael Bennet today applauded the Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Navy on the announcement of their joint “Farm to Fleet” program that will incorporate biofuel as a part of fuel used by the Navy.  Today’s announcement means that for the first time, biofuels will be available for regular purchase by the Department of Defense.

“This innovative collaboration will help ensure we can domestically and cost effectively power our Navy, while at the same time creating a new customer base for Colorado farmers,” Bennet said. “This is an important step that will help strengthen our national security and diversify our energy portfolio.”

The Farm-to-Fleet initiative emerged from a 2010 challenge President Obama issued to the Secretaries of Agriculture, Energy, and the Navy to expedite the development of domestic, cost effective, biofuel substitutes for diesel and jet fuel.  As the USDA works to reduce the costs of making biofuels, it is estimated that the price per gallon will drop to less than $4 by 2016, comparable with traditional fuel.

Bennet has long advocated for a balanced energy portfolio that includes biofuels, hydropower, and wind energy. He has sponsored legislation to reduce regulations for hydropower projects, championed the extension of the wind energy production tax credit, and secured a provision in the Farm Bill to provide low interest loans to families looking to install energy efficiencies or renewable energy systems.