Bennet Statement on President's Federal Fleet Announcement

Colorado New Energy Economy Will Benefit from Fleet Improvements

Washington, DC – Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet released the following statement on today’s Presidential Memorandum requiring all new passenger vehicles and light-duty trucks purchased by federal agencies to run on alternative fuel by 2015.  The requirement is designed to drive agencies toward the required 30 percent decrease in petroleum consumption by 2020.

“Heading toward alternative fuels and clean, electric vehicles is the direction we must take to regain control of our energy future, help decrease our reliance on foreign oil, cut down on pollution and save Coloradans money at the gas pump. As the largest vehicle fleet operator in the country, the federal government is in a position to lead by example to reach the goal of decreasing our petroleum consumption 30 percent by 2020.

“This move will also help boost Colorado’s new energy economy – particularly our state’s electric battery industry and our producers of the next generation of biofuels. Colorado’s robust renewable energy standard has already helped spark innovation and job creation across the state. It’s forward-looking entrepreneurial businesses will again help lead as we continue to advance important clean energy and clean vehicle goals.”

In April, Bennet voted to protect the clean air act and cosponsored a bill calling for a national renewable energy standard.

For more information on the Federal Fleet Performance Presidential Memorandum, please click here