Bennet Congratulates Project Sanctuary on Winning Grant from First Command Financial Services

Project Sanctuary Awarded $100k Grant for Retreat Center

Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet today congratulated Project Sanctuary on winning a $100,000 grant from First Command Financial Services to help build a permanent retreat center in Colorado. The new center will help enhance therapeutic retreats for military families to reconnect with each other and with their communities following a deployment.

“During my time in the Senate, I’ve had the opportunity to visit with servicemembers returning from a deployment who’ve expressed how difficult it can be to transition from a daily military regimen to civilian life back home,” Bennet said. “Project Sanctuary has been invaluable helping our servicemembers reconnect with their families and friends and establish a post-service life. I’m grateful for its excellent work and look forward to seeing it put this grant to use.”

In addition to the grant, First Command Financial Services also plans to participate in Project Sanctuary retreats that include financial education workshops and personalized support to military families.

Project Sanctuary is a Colorado-based nonprofit organization that helps active duty military personnel, veterans, and their spouses and children reconnect and reintegrate into their communities through therapeutic retreats in the Rocky Mountains. Military families participate in educational activities and have access to support services during the 6-day retreats and through a two-year follow-up program.