Bennet Statement on Sage-grouse Order

Washington, D.C. - Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet today issued the following statement regarding Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's order to review sage-grouse conservation plans:

"Secretary Zinke's order threatens to upend years of hard-fought conservation efforts by states, communities, and landowners across the west," Bennet said. "The existing conservation plans - informed by science and developed through years of consultation - protect the broader sage brush ecosystem and help keep the Greater Sage-grouse off of the endangered species list.

"If adjustments are necessary, the Secretary should engage all stakeholders and work collaboratively through the Sage-grouse Task Force. However, any future actions to reverse or undermine the existing plans will create uncertainty for ranchers, sportsmen, and other conservationists in Western communities."

In May 2017, Bennet sent a letter to Secretary Zinke pressing him to respect local input, recognize years-long collaborative efforts, and effectively implement the conservation plans to prevent an Endangered Species Act listing for the Greater Sage-grouse.