Bennet, Udall Thank FEMA for Waiving Flood Insurance Waiting Period for Fire Victims

Colorado U.S. Senators Michael Bennet and Mark Udall thanked FEMA today for moving to quickly implement a new law they supported that waives the waiting period to obtain federal flood insurance for property owners living in and around wildfire burn areas that have occurred on federal lands.

"Coloradans are just now beginning to pick up the pieces from the recent wildfires that devastated our state," Bennet said.  "Now that the rains have come, many find themselves in the untenable situation of having to worry about the possibility of floods.  This decision by FEMA should provide some peace of mind to homeowners in areas that are now at risk of flooding as a result of the wildfires."

"Colorado is experiencing one of the most devastating fire seasons in the state's history.  I am glad FEMA has responded quickly to this new law," Udall said.  "Many Coloradans living in and around burn areas are at risk of flooding and may need to have the 30-day waiting period waived because of newly vulnerable terrain.  I championed this law because I know the risks homeowners in fire zones face last long after the final embers are extinguished."

Bennet and Udall both worked to include the flood insurance waiver provision in the transportation bill that was recently passed and signed into law.

Coloradans living in and around burn areas - especially the High Park and Waldo Canyon fire areas - are especially vulnerable to flooding and should consider buying flood insurance immediately.  The best place to start is to contact your homeowner insurance provider or visit (or call 1-800-427-2419) to learn more about individual flood risk, explore coverage options and to find an agent in your area.