Ahead of Senate Vote, Bennet Urges Passage of Freedom to Vote Act in Floor Speech


Washington, D.C. – Today, Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet spoke on the Senate floor in support of the Freedom to Vote Act – a comprehensive reform package to protect our democracy, tackle special interest corruption, and make government work for the American people. This legislation to expand voting rights also draws on Colorado’s leadership to promote mail-in voting, expand early voting, ban partisan gerrymandering, and adopt automatic and online voter registration. 

“If our state's history is any guide at all, we can do this in a bipartisan way,” said Bennet. “And it's not surprising to me that vast majorities of Americans, whether they're Republicans or Independents or Democrats, support the provisions that are in this bill by wide, wide margins.”

Bennet continued: “...The question in front of us is, are you for democracy or not? Are you for the freedom to vote or not? Are you for maximizing fraud-free elections where people can actually turn out to vote, no matter where they live, or are you for suppressing the vote of our fellow countrymen and women? That is the question before us. And because it's such a clear question, I would urge every one of my colleagues, Republican or Democrat, to vote for this legislation. So we can set a basic standard for what the freedom to vote should look like in the United States of America.”

Bennet’s full speech is available HERE.