Every year on Veterans Day, the nation shines a light on the bravery and dedication of the men and women of the armed forces who have served to protect our country. From the Greatest Generation storming the beaches of Normandy and Iwo Jima to those who fought in Vietnam and Korea to today's generation of veterans who answered the call of 9/11 and continue to serve today in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and worldwide, our veterans have sacrificed greatly for our country. This Veterans Day, I invite our veterans to share their stories of service – because it’s vitally important that we hear them in Washington and across America.

- Senator Michael Bennet

What was your most rewarding experience? What was the biggest challenge you faced? When you left the service why did you chose to call Colorado home? What do you want people in Washington to know about life in the military? What do you wish other Americans knew about your experience? Do you have a photo of your time in uniform?

Use the form below to share your story. All Colorado veterans and servicemembers and their families are encouraged to submit their story. With your permission, we may share your story on social media or use it in a speech or video so that real experiences are heard in Washington and across America. We hope to share as many stories as possible. 

This effort to share stories of service is a part of Bennet’s Voices of Colorado initiative, designed to make heard the stories of Coloradans – on health care, immigration, the economy, military service, and more.

Voices of Colorado Veterans

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