Services for Coloradans

As your United States Senator, I take my job of representing you in Washington very seriously. My work includes helping to push the federal government to work better for you. Whether you are having difficulty with a federal agency,  are planning a visit to Washington or helping an organization apply for a federal grant, the Constituent Advocates in my office and I are here to assist you.

If you’re looking for assistance, you can use our contact form. That way I can connect you with the right person to address the problems or questions you might have.

If your need for assistance is extremely urgent or time-sensitive do not use the contact form. Instead, please call 303-455-7600 and ask for a Constituent Advocate.

Below are a variety of services my office provides. You can click on each of the services for more information. If you do not see what you’re looking for here, feel free to call any one of my offices to speak to a Constituent Advocate directly.



Michael F. Bennet

Help with a Federal Agency

Help with a Federal Agency »

Many of our fellow citizens depend on the federal government to give them a fair shake — whether they are veterans seeking the benefits they’ve earned defending our Nation; senior citizens whose Social Security benefits are delayed or who have questions about Medicare; a family with an immigration or visa problem; a business owner dealing with the IRS; or a student struggling with Pell Grants or other student loans. If you need someone to act as an advocate on your behalf, my office can help you.

Help with Federal Grants

Help with Federal Grants »

Every year, a number of federal agencies and charitable organizations announce opportunities for individuals, non-profits and private business to obtain grants and loans via a competitive bidding process. Whether you would like to request a letter in support of your request for funding, or simply need more information on what funding is available, my office can help you.

Tours of the Capitol & Washington, DC

Tours of the Capitol & Washington, DC »

Washington, D.C. is an exciting city to visit, with many interesting places to tour. Whether you would like to schedule a tour of the U.S. Capitol with one of my Senate Staffers, would like to request a tour of the White House or simply need recommendations on what the City offers, my office can help you.

Service Academies

Service Academy Nominations »

As a United States Senator, I am committed to helping Colorado students pursue their dreams of military service at one of our Nation’s prestigious Service Academies. If you would like to find out more about the nomination process or how you can apply, my office can help you.

Requests for Flags Flown Over the Capitol

Requests for Flags Flown Over the Capitol »

I am pleased to inform you that my office accepts requests from individual Coloradans for American flag flown over the United States Capitol. If you would like for my office to help you in obtaining a flown American flag to commemorate a special event, or would simply like one for yourself, my office can help you.


Internships »

An excellent way to understand how Congress works and what role elected officials play in the legislative process is through internships at Congressional Offices. If you are interested serving as a Congressional Intern in Washington, DC or in the state of Colorado, I can help you.

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