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June 6, 2014

Banning Members of Congress from Lobbying for Life

Try to wrap your head around this statistic: In 1974, 3 percent of retiring members of Congress became lobbyists. Now, 50 percent of Senators and 42 percent of Congressmen do.

That's not a revolving door, it's a merry go round. And my guess is these members of Congress aren't staying in Washington because they like the weather (it's terrible).

Let's face it, the outsized influence of lobbying is corroding our political system. It's time for aggressive reform.

Jon Tester and I have written a bill that bans members of Congress from ever becoming lobbyists. Sign this petition and add your support if you think it's time Washington cleaned up its act.

Do you ever wonder why the political conversation in our nation's capital sounds nothing like the conversation you're having at your kitchen table? When Coloradans sit down and talk, they talk about how to make ends meet. They wonder how they're going to pay for college. And we all worry about the world we are leaving behind for our kids.

But if you turn on the cable news, it's nothing but partisan nonsense and debates about issues that have little bearing on our everyday lives.
Too often, the outsized influence of lobbyists in Washington drowns out the voices of everyone else and prevents Congress from acting in the interest of the American people.

This bill isn't going to be popular in Washington. That's why we need you to get on board and help us advocate for it. Sign this petition to close the revolving door and ban members of Congress from ever becoming lobbyists.

By preventing members of Congress from lobbying when they leave Capitol Hill and preventing senior congressional staff from going back and forth through the revolving door, public officials can get about the business of helping the country.

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