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April 11, 2017

Bennet Continues to Press President on Foreign Conflicts of Interest

Letter Raises Additional Questions About Whether President’s Business Entanglements Are Influencing his Decisions

COLORADO - Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet today sent a letter to White House Counsel Donald McGahn reiterating his concerns that President Trump's potential conflicts of interest may have serious foreign policy and national security implications.

This letter follows up on one that Bennet sent last month asking the Administration for full transparency regarding The Trump Organization's ("the Organization") foreign investments, agreements, contracts, and any foreign debt or loans. In this letter, Bennet wrote that he has substantial concerns that foreign individuals, companies, and governments may use the President's connection to the Organization to affect the President's and the Administration's decisions.

"As President Trump reportedly remains the sole beneficiary of the Organization, I am concerned that [foreign] individuals and entities will seek to curry favor, influence, or even coerce policy outcomes beneficial to their countries and foreign business interests." Bennet wrote. "The American people must be confident that the President will make decisions and take actions that are in the best interests of our national and personal security irrespective of the potential effect on the Organization's or the President's financial interests. U.S. foreign policy must be conducted without regard to foreign individuals and governments who have patronized Trump Organization properties or businesses."

The letter highlights the following potential conflicts:

  • Foreign individuals or companies investing in new or existing Organization deals in the United States.
  • The Organization making substantial profits from transactions with foreign individuals and companies. 
  • Foreign countries issuing new and potentially valuable trademarks to the Organization. 

Additionally, Bennet seeks to confirm that the prohibition on "new foreign deals," specified in the White Paper published by the President's attorneys, is fully encompassing of all transactions or arrangements that had not been formalized by a final contract as of January 20, 2017.

Click HERE for a copy of the letter. 





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