Michael believes resilient agriculture is vital to a strong, thriving economy. This is certainly true in Colorado, where a proud tradition of farming and ranching generates more than $40 billion in economic output each year. As a longstanding member of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry, Michael has made it a priority to bring the diverse voices of Colorado to the debate in Washington.
Michael believes we owe it to the next generation to tackle climate change head-on. In Colorado and across the West, intensifying drought and wildfires threaten our farmers, ranchers, and communities. Climate change endangers Colorado’s vital water supplies, precious forests, and outdoor recreation economy. Michael believes in a comprehensive approach to confronting climate change that includes common-sense actions to reduce climate pollution, advance clean energy, increase resiliency of local communities, and grow the economy.
Michael believes protecting public lands and wild places is an integral part of Colorado’s heritage, economy, and way of life. Michael fought to permanently and fully fund the Land and Water Conservation Fund – a crucial tool to protect and guarantee access to Colorado’s public lands for all. He also has introduced the Colorado Outdoor Recreation & Economy (CORE) Act to protect over 400,000 acres of public land in Colorado, establish new wilderness areas, and safeguard existing outdoor recreation opportunities to boost the economy for future generations.
Like many Americans, Michael believes that our democracy is at risk and that Washington’s dysfunction bears much of the blame. That is why he has worked since 2009 to protect the right to vote, improve access to the ballot, and take on Washington special interests.
Michael believes the economy works best when everyone has an opportunity to contribute to and share in our country’s prosperity. Over the last 50 years, America has continued to thrive as the most innovative, dynamic economy in the world, and Colorado has been at the forefront of our economic leadership. At the same time, the basic American promise—if you work hard, you can get ahead—has eroded for too many people.
As the former superintendent of the Denver Public Schools, Michael understands the importance of a high-quality education to a child's success. Sadly, our schools too often fail at preparing the next generation for the 21st century economy.
Michael believes we need to work together and make the tough decisions necessary to put our nation's fiscal house in order. Since his first days in the Senate in 2009, he has led the fight for a comprehensive, bipartisan solution to our nation's unsustainable long-term deficits.
As a member of the Senate Committee on Finance and as a former member of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP), Michael strives to make our nation's health care system work better for Coloradans. Michael believes every American should have an affordable, high-quality health care plan. To accomplish this, he is fighting to build on the progress made under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) by championing a public option, as well as working to decrease costs, support rural communities, invest in research and innovation, improve the public health system following COVID-19, and fight the opioid epidemic.
Michael knows our broken immigration system hobbles our economy, reduces our global competitiveness, and keeps millions of hardworking families living in the shadows. He is fighting for commonsense solutions that reflect two bedrock American values: we are a nation of immigrants, and we are a nation that respects the rule of law.
“All men are created equal” was never a guarantee; it was a promise to be fulfilled by every generation of Americans. The urgent work to achieve justice and equality for all continues in our time.
As a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Michael believes in a strong, thoughtful security policy that advances U.S. interests abroad while protecting our nation at home. In the 21st century, events around the world can affect the economic and physical security within our borders. Whether defending against the threat of terrorism, cyberattacks, weapons of mass destruction, or climate change, Michael believes we must use all of our foreign policy tools to strengthen our national security and protect our democracy.
Even though Colorado has been a national leader in growth, job creation, and innovation during Michael’s time in the Senate, too many rural communities have not shared fully in that success. Michael believes our nation’s long-term prosperity depends on a thriving rural America and that we have an obligation to support locally-driven efforts to maintain the health and heritage of Colorado’s rural communities.
Colorado is home to over 400,000 veterans, and Michael is committed to making our state the best place for servicemembers, veterans, and their families to work, live, and retire. Michael believes veterans deserve timely access to high-quality care in the manner that makes sense for them. Too often, veterans are prevented from accessing their full benefits because of outdated regulations and an unaccountable bureaucracy. Michael has worked across the aisle to introduce common sense reforms, making it easier for veterans and their families to receive the care they earned.